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Increase your cash flow by unlocking the additional depreciation deductions buried in your real estate!

Recent IRS rulings and procedures coupled with a landmark court case have made it possible to realize a substantial increase in cash flows associated with the depreciation of real property. If you own developed real estate, you are in a position to benefit significantly by deferring income taxes far into the future which will dramatically increase your cash flow today.

A cost segregation study can increase your cash flow by maximizing tax depreciation deductions in the building's early years, which will minimize your tax burden now.

Don't Delay

Substantial tax savings is possible through our Cost Segregation Services. Call us or have your accountant call us today to find out how much you could benefit.

For a complimentary feasibility analysis of your property call us or have your accountant call us at (480) 963-2872 or use our convenient online contact form.

Why choose Brizel & Associates for your cost segregation study?

  • We have been in the business of cost segregation since 2000—longer than most in the industry.
  • Our engineering department is headed up by a general contractor—someone who spent years in the business of interpreting architectural drawings drawn up by others and building buildings based on them, including those drawn up by hand from over 30 years ago!
  • We care deeply about quality. We pay close attention to detail and leave no stone unturned. And we do not classify any asset to a shorter depreciation life for which we feel we cannot provide sound argument.
  • We present our report in an easy-to-follow format, making your CPA's job of creating your new or revising your old depreciation schedule a simple task.
  • In our report, we provide a reconciliation of contract costs to the general ledger or depreciation schedule and studied capitalized costs, if applicable. This provides a clean audit trail and may assist us in finding additional assets qualifying for faster recovery and accelerated depreciation. This may require the assistance of your CPA or in-house accounting personnel.
  • We prepare certain statements and attachments supporting the §481 (change in accounting method) adjustment, if applicable, for regular tax and AMT as well as adjusted current earnings (ACE) for C-corporations or partnerships, if applicable. We also account for mid-quarter convention, if applicable.
  • We have the most comprehensive feasibility analysis program in the industry that accounts for nearly every possible scenario, including the mid-quarter convention, bonus depreciation, and anticipated sale, and is set up to provide the most accurate NPV projection possible.
  • We are insured. Our E&O insurance certificate is available upon request.
  • We work closely with your CPA or controller in order to assist them in completing their task most efficiently and accurately.
  • Cost segregation is all we do. We provide no general CPA firm or finance or real estate services.



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